PP Mould Tek Oy is a Finland-based company operating in China, India, and Morocco. The company is founded and run by highly experienced industry professionals. The founders have handled thousands of tooling cases in their 25+ years of career.

We serve our customers in various tooling development activities. We have a modern and well-equipped tool shop along with an injection moulding facility in Huizhou China. We design and manufacture plastic injection moulds for various industry segments. We also supply plastic parts for our clients across industries.

We take complete responsibility for the tooling development including Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing, ECNs, freight, SoP support and warranty support. We are most effective in project packages, that is, the number of moulds in the same project with mating parts. We can handle 200-300 moulds per year.

Our European, Indian and Morocco facilities serve our customers locally in product development, project management, warranty support, Mould repair, modifications and maintenance services. These units also help our customers to order the moulds locally and handle the import of tools and local warranty support.

Our main customers are from automotive (lighting and non-lighting), appliances, Electrical and electronics and general equipment industry.


To make the tooling development process a smooth, easier and cost-effective process for our clients.


Integrity. Responsibility. Seek excellence. Collaboration. Respectful.

Head Office
PP mould Tek Oy

VANTAA, Aviabulevardi,
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PP Mould Tek Oy

Lippstadt Germany

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